Importance of a website for small to medium sized businesses

Why is a website so important?

A website acts as a business card in today’s society. It gives you the ability to show off what you do and how you do it without being too obtrusive. A website also has the ability to build trust. In addition, a website makes it easier for a customer to learn about your business 24/7, since the website is always readily available.

Website as a business card

Whether you’re selling things online or in a brick-and-mortar store, a great website is key. Your website can tell about your personality and your unique brand. In fact, not having a website can deter people from visiting you at all. Having an online presence is the handshake that can seal a deal.

Showing off

The awesome thing about a website is its ability to show off everything that you do. Inside the website, there can be multiple, unique pages that represent your character and your business. Your website can be as unique and creative as you want it to be. A website sets the tone for the experience of your business. Whether you’re a colorful, crazy restaurant or a well respected law firm, a well crafted website will make the customer understand what you do and how you do it.


Showing your customer that you’re a real business with real clients / workers / services, builds a level of trust. You are a human and everyone can relate to that. A website allows you to show that you are a real person who carse dearly about your product.


The fact that a website is available to be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, means that your business is being seen all over the world, to a number of available customers.

What qualities in a website are important today?

There are many qualities of a website that are important today. Highest on the list is being able to view it well on a smart phone and tablet (also known as responsive design). Secondly, an easy way to contact or find your business. Thirdly, solid information up front and to the point.

Responsive design

A website is only as good as the users it connects to. If a website hinders people from being able to view the information well on a smart phone, all the effort put into the website was a waste. The same can be said for the reverse: can’t view the website on a desktop, all is lost. This is where responsive design plays such a big part. Good responsive design of a website, allows for the content of the website to be viewed on all devices, from a small smart phone up to being projected onto a large screen.

Contact and find your business

If you own a brick-and-mortar shop, the most important information is where you shop is and how to visit you. Most customers want to be able to find your phone number and address easily and quickly. When you convince them to visit with your website, then the next logical step would be to get them to come in or swing by or call. If you own an online shop, questions come up that need answer. Your customer needs to know how to contact you with questions. A well organized contact page will do just that.

Content is king

Search engine optimization is important to a degree these days. Good, solid content wins all the battles today. Having a solid understanding of your business and being able to talk about it will make your website more friendly and more searchable.


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