Why I Use WordPress for Building Custom Websites

You’ve heard WordPress is cool, but you’re still questioning whether you want to go with a website solution that includes WordPress. Let me tell you why I use WordPress and how that can help you decide if it’s a good fit for you.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a flexible Content Management System (CMS). What that means is that:

  1. WordPress websites are easy to update.
  2. You can manage your website from any computer that has an internet connection.
  3. As an owner of a WordPress website, you don’t need to know HTML or PHP to change the text or images on your WordPress website

WordPress is known for being a Blogging software, but it has evolved into much more than that.

Why I choose WordPress


WordPress is so flexible. If you want to build a eCommerce website, there’s a plugin for that. If you want to build a social network, there’s a plugin for that. You can scale WordPress to really build anything your heart desires. If you take a look at my portfolio you can see I have built an assortment of websites using WordPress, from a beer tasting room to a clinical study.

Open Source

WordPress is an open source software, meaning that anyone can use it. That means there’s a huge community. I belong to the Advanced WordPress Meetup here in San Diego and I love learning from my peers, online and with books. You can always learn something new about WordPress because it is always changing, always getting better, new ways of building with WordPress are being explored and talked about.

Easy to Update

Not only is it easy to update pages, posts and pictures inside the intuitive WordPress backend, it is also easy to update the code. The code is human readable. For example, if I want to display the header, I simply write get_header inside my PHP. That is, get the header and display it. Having human readable code is important for any developer. I use Advanced Custom Fields within the websites I build to make the process of updating extra images and text even easier.

Complete solution

WordPress is a complete solution. meaning that you can solve your entire website needs with WordPress. It is a flexible as you need it to be. You want a blog? Great! You want a website for your business? Perfect. You want to build a complex series of forms? Excellent. WordPress can do that.


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About the author

Scott Stewart is a freelance WordPress developer. He has developed websites for small businesses, writers, artists, and corporations. He utilizes the flexibility of WordPress to craft beautiful and elegant websites. He hails from a small town in Oregon, but now lives in San Diego, CA. He is available for hire.